Apple Announced the New iPad Pro with M4 Chip

| Updated on 8 May 2024
Apple iPad Pro

Apple just announced the new iPad Pro in New York City and some reporters got to take a look at the new devices firsthand. According to reports, at first glance, the new tablets look noticeably thinner and lighter than anything they’ve offered before. 

The main attraction of the new iPad is the OLED screen. It may look the same as before but in reality, it is much sharper and crisper. As Apple loves to name everything they do, the new display is called the “Tandem OLED”. 

The display comes with 1600 nits peak brightness for HDR content. According to Apple, the tandem OLED tech would give them sub-millisecond control over the brightness and color of each pixel. This would allow the iPad to display more dynamic and stunning visual details. 

Earlier there were reports that the new iPad Pro could launch with an M4 chip. So, it was true, that the new iPad Pro is powered by their latest flagship m4 chipset. So, the iPad will have enough juice to run everything smoothly and accommodate the new tandem OLED as well. But, the new M4 chip is more powerful than to just power an iPad. So, the new device is clearly meant to power extremely intense use cases like using video editing software on iPad and more. 

It also has two new accessories, the new Apple Pencil Pro, and the upgraded Magic Keyboard. 

The new iPad Pro will start at $999 for the 11-inch model and $1299 for the 13-inch model. You can pre-order the iPad Pro today from the Apple Store or website in 29 countries and regions including the US. They will start shipping them on May 14, 2024. 

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