20 Best Movies Streaming Websites to Upgrade Your Entertainment Experience

| Updated on 11 July 2024

Binge-watching blockbuster movies has become a part of the routine. Some prefer to watch while eating, traveling, or having a cup of tea. To cater to diverse needs according to moods and choices, plenty of the best movies streaming websites available online can provide you with thrillers, horror, romance, and comedy all at one table. 

Just recently, Google TV added 10 free channels to its network, increasing its stock in the list, but there are still better streaming websites on the internet. 

So, what are you waiting for? Delve into the article, explore the wide range of reliable platforms, and stream free movies online with your favorite slice of pizza in your hand! 

Crackle website

The first on the list of free movie-streaming websites is Crackle. After being formally acquired by Sony in 2006, the platform is now referred to as Sony Crackle. The platform is a one-stop destination for watching free movies, including Sci-fi, horror, adventure, comedy, TV series, K dramas, and more. 

Supported Streaming Devices: iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV Stick+ Amazon Fire Stick, and more. 

  • No subscription model. 
  • Original Hollywood movie content 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • No illegal content.
  • Ads interference before the beginning of the content. 
  • Currently, it is available only in the United States.
Roku Channel

The Roku channel doesn’t need any introduction, as it has been popular for its TV models and streaming players. Ahead of this, the website allows you to stream Roku originals, popular movies, TV dramas, and more for free. Besides the free content, the platform offers high-quality content with limited loading time.

Supported Streaming Devices: The app is available to download on iOS and Android devices 

  • No login is required to access the content.
  • Streams HD quality content. 
  • Supports free TV live streams.
  • Includes newer released content.
  • Geo-restricted platform.
Tubi TV

Founded in 2014, TubiTV houses a vast library of high-quality movies, series, and dramas to watch for free. The app allows you to stream the content without logging in unless you want to access the advanced features and customization options. 

From Jennifer Lopez to Michael Fox, you can find the blockbuster iconic stars’ movies on the platform. 

Supported Streaming Devices : Amazon Fire Stick/TV, Android, iOS, Roku and more

  • Parental control features. 
  • Live TV streaming.
  • User-friendly modern interface.
  • A vast library of movies and shows. 
  • Lacks an ad-free option.
  • No offline downloads on mobile devices. 

Peacock offers a ton of great movies, including the diverse original collection from the NBC Universal networks. The platform offers freemium services and affordable paid plans to access more ad-free content. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Amazon Fire Stick/TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku and more. 

  • Affordable subscription plans.
  • Supports multiple profiles.
  • Live TV streaming including sports and more.
  • Offers offline downloads on mobile. 
  • Available in some regions.

Filmzie offers a great deal of movies, including both small and large productions. The site offers movies rarely available anywhere else, making it popular for its hidden entertainment content.

Supported Streaming Devices: iOS, Android, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV. 

  • No user account is required.
  • Includes the Watch Later feature for saving favorites. 
  • Displays movie trailers.
  • Integrated ads fund the novice filmmakers. 
  • There was no age verification for the NC-17 marked content. 

Integrated with a fully automated video search engine, FlixTor offers a multitude of iconic movie masterpieces with low ad pop-ups for enjoyable binge-watching. The platform offers both free and paid plans to elevate the user experience. 


The site has no right to media content and regularly suffers take-downs. Consider using copycats and fake sites at your own risk.

In case the site goes down, consider using the Flixtor alternatives to continue the entertainment adventure. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Android only

  • Low ad intrusion.
  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • High definitions streaming. 
  • It may intrude on your device’s privacy and security. 

Yes, you guessed it right! YouTube is the biggest streaming platform across the globe, with a vast collection of free full-length movies, shows, series, documentaries, dramas, and plenty more. The platform supports 4K streaming across various genres. If you’re unsatisfied with the free version, we would suggest you to upgrade to YouTube Premium and enjoy a wide variety of content with better quality.

Supported Streaming Devices: Android, iOS, smart TV, media streaming devices, and more. 

  • Freemium streaming with fewer add interruptions.
  • Public communication forums, including comments. 
  • Vast content other than movies. 
  • Offers offline downloads on mobile. 
  • Includes old movie collection. 

YesMovies is not only popular for its vast library of popular movies but also for its easy-to-navigate and clean interface with personalization flexibility. The platform houses shows in different languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hindi, French, and more. 


The YesMovies sites do not have any right to display the media content. So be aware of the fake and malicious sites.

Supported Streaming Devices: Web version only. 

  • Beginners-friendly interface navigation 
  • Enormous library.
  • Filter button to switch between the content. 
  • There are too many ad interruptions. 

PopcornFlix is popularly known for boosting a wide variety of movie genres, including horror, documentaries, foreign films, short films, adventure, mystery, and plenty more. The platforms claim to be 100% legal, with fewer pop-up ads than other media outlets. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Sony Smart TV, Roku, and more. 

  • Displays subtitles to elevate the experience.
  • A section for ‘resume browsing’.
  • Super user-friendly interface. 
  • The platform is geo-restricted. 

Another one on the list is Afdah streams HD-quality content without bombarding your binge-watching with intrusive ads. The user interface allows you to easily filter the different genres and year-wise movies without interrupting your pleasurable navigation experience. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Web Version only. 

  • Low ad intrusion. 
  • Movies are categorized year-wise for easy navigation. 
  • Trade-off high-quality content. 
  • Subtitle support for most movies. 
  • Includes a very small content collection. 
Pluto TV

Pluto TV is slightly different from an ordinary movie streaming website as it does not contain popular films or series unless it includes cable TV shows, live broadcasting of news, or sports telecasts and is limited to traditional movie genres. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Pluto Smart TV, Android, and iOS. 

  • Give you an immersive television-watching ambiance.
  • No user login is required to access the content.
  • Broadcasts news, sports, music and more.
  • Includes on-demand film category.
  • Very few movies are available. 

Plex is a leading website that allows you to binge-watch the seasons and episodes for free and without any registration tantrums. The platform has sectioned out the genres for ease of use and also allows you to search by actor name or channel. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Google TV, Plex media player

  • Organizes a waiting list to switch between the episodes. 
  • Subtitles for most of the movies.
  • Collection of full-length TV shows and movies. 
  • Includes live TV. 
  • The least popular movie collection. 

Streamlord features high-quality ad-free entertainment content, including TV shows and movies. Although the content library is not as big as the others, you can find some rare collections in it. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Web browsing only.

  • Trade off a vast variety of genres.
  • Separate organized sections for movies and TV shows.
  • No log-in and sign-up in necessary.
  • Hassle-free interface navigation.
  • Does not hold any legal rights for media. 

For all anime lovers, Yidio is the best platform for you. The platform consists of blockbuster Netflix, Prime, and Hulu releases. It also streams live anime, stand-up TV, and news 24/7 all day to keep the entertainment factor up to par. 

Supported Streaming Devices: iOS, Android, Kindle. 

  • The content is sorted by popularity and added date. 
  • Supports renting and buying features. 
  • Catchy genres like special interest, faith, and spirituality.
  • High-quality streaming. 
  • The interface is a bit outdated. 

Kanopy is not an ordinary site, it is much more than that. From inspiring documentaries and critically acclaimed movies to award-winning foreign films, it has everything that can be worth watching.  

Supported streaming devices: Roku, Chromecast, iOS, Android, Samsung, fireTV, and more. 

  • Completely ad-free platform.
  • Offers partnerships with public libraries and universities. 
  • Easy to navigate interface. 
  • Different sections for kids. 
  • Can be logged in through any existing school or library account. 

Hoopla is another popular streaming website, and the best part is that it is not restricted to film streaming only as it contains audiobooks, e-books, music, and TV shows too. As it offers free access to public libraries and universities, you need a valid school account to ensure a hassle-free login. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Roku, Android, iOS, and Fire TV. 

  • Includes a different section for trending content. 
  • 24×7 customer support. 
  • Simple and straightforward UI. 
  • Offers free services to library patrons. 
  • Exclusively available in the US only. 

Popularly known as the dupe of YouTube, Tiny Zone is a free movie streaming site with impeccable features and capabilities. It boasts a wide variety of collections of TV shows, series, and films.

Supported Streaming Devices: Web browsing only

  • Free streaming of the TV shows and films. 
  • Allows you to customize the favourite lists. 
  • High-quality content.
  • No signup and registration is required. 
  • Legality concerns.
Crunchy roll

Crunchyroll is the biggest library that offers free anime and manga content streaming. The site library goes beyond movie-streaming adding a lot of other entertaining content, including news, games, and different language dubbed anime content. Meanwhile, the platform offers subscription packages to experience ad-free content. 

Supported Streaming Devices: iOS, Android, PS5, PS4, and other media players. 

  • Premium subscription to access and ad-free content.
  • Offers free mobile games.
  • Support HD streaming.
  • Offline downloads.
  • Some content is available only in paid plans.

Freevee is an Amazon-owned website that offers a free collection of the Amazon Prime platform. The site has seamlessly organised the content library for uncomplicated navigation. Hence, the only repercussion is the interference of Ads. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Google TV, Android TV, iOS and Android, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, and more. 

  • Includes subtitles in different languages. 
  • Watch free movies legally. 
  • Allows you to watch the trailer.
  • Hand-picked section that includes movies of the month. 
  • An Amazon account is required.

VexMovies is a one-stop platform for all the old and new foreign and Hollywood movies, and others. However, all the movies show insights, including the IMDB rating and reviews, to determine whether to watch or not. Hence, the site does not include distribution rights, so consider using it at your own risk. 

Supported Streaming Devices: Web browsing only.

  • Offers HD movie quality in selected ones.
  • Support ad-free content.
  • Displays no. of episodes tag for more convenience. 
  • Straightforward interface.
  • The ads may be malicious. 

Risks Associated with the Free Streaming Websites for Movies 

The free streaming websites for movies have endless benefits, but even the one disadvantage can cost you a lot more. Some sites do not possess distribution rights and are prone to vulnerabilities and scammers. 

So to make an informed decision, take a look at the risks associated with online streaming. 

1. Access to Personal Information

Regardless of how tightly packed your device security system is, online streaming sites result in the theft of your personal and confidential stored information. Ahead of this, the personal information can be used for unlawful activities. 

2. Malicious Ads 

The free movie streaming sites are in the foreground of malicious, ransomware, and other spyware software. The tons of pop-ups and hidden links will end up getting your device infected with threatening malware attacks.

3. Unrated Content 

The free streaming sites do not filter out and contain a lot of adult and explicit content. This may mislead you while searching for original and credible movies. Therefore, this is the most common disadvantage, as it can humiliate you in public spaces and with family too. 

4. Legal Consequences 

It is illegal to sell and distribute the content by breaking copyright laws and policies. Likewise, it is also prohibited to display or access those contents. Hence, the unauthorised content can land you in legal consequences for invading privacy and copyright laws. 

Do You Require VPN to Stream Free Movies Online 

As discussed above, it is not safe to stream illegal content, but a VPN can protect your privacy and security. To keep cybersecurity your top priority, you must ensure the use of VPN while streaming on any such platform. 

Other than that, the VPN can also assist you with geo-blocked site content anytime and anywhere. So to eliminate the confusion that VPNs are not safe, have a look at the potential benefits: 

  • It helps to encrypt the data traffic 
  • It seamlessly hides your IP address and other confidential data for better security. 
  • Prevents ad trackers and malware attacks. 
  • Provides access to geo-restricted websites and content. 

However, the only disadvantage of the VPN is that it will slow down the internet speed, increasing the loading time. Hence, you can rely on the free VPN or opt for a premium one, depending on your personal choices. 


Reducing the need to get queued up in the cinemas or buy premium streaming platform subscriptions, the best movies streaming websites can ease your entertainment experience. 

With our list, you can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, series, documentaries, news, and whatever you wish to see anytime and anywhere. Just remember, you are required to turn on the VPN and you are all set to go!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it legal to watch the movies for free?

Watching a movie online is not a crime and is considered legal until and unless you are not violating the copyright rules.

What is the best free movie site?

Crackle, Hoopla, Popcornflix, and more are some of the popular best free movie sites to keep up with the entertainment factor.

Why is VPN important while accessing online streaming sites?

VPN, which stands for virtual private network, is necessary as it encrypts the user data and masks the IP address to provide security and privacy.

How can I block ads on these free websites?

The free online streaming sites consist of frequent pop-ups and intrusive ads, but for a better experience, you can use the free ad blockers available online.

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