The Evolution of Online Gaming

| Updated on 22 July 2024

Gaming is fun and probably the most adrenaline-pumping experience out there. But how did it get so far and capture over $200 billion in market share? 

From the humble beginning of the dot com era to some of the latest advancements in multiplayer and role-play games, online gaming has been through a long journey. 

But what were some crucial points in the past that drastically increased the scope and size of online games? 

Well, the advent of high-speed internet networks along with advancements in online infrastructure gave us a significant booming ability to account with our friends and strangers alike in a virtual environment. 

And in this read, I’m going to walk you through the complete evolution of online gaming from its early rise to some futuristic aspects — And all of that with a perfect list of best slot titles in Michigan

Let’s start! 

Online Gaming: A Humble Beginning

The story of computers and online gaming begins with a delightful introduction of “it’s a Small World” at the World’s Fair of 1939-1940s. The platform introduced us to an electromechanical machine that allows you to play mathematical games of NIM. 

The whole game was basically about players taking turns to remove the objects from distinct piles. And, this simple game became that much popular that it later laid the foundation of online games. 

The later evolution started with the development of our first ever computer game, NIMROD, in 1951. And then the second one was OXO created in 1952. 

The first attempt to develop a game console was by Ralph Baer in 1967. It was named as “Brown Box” and just like the current gaming consoles it could also be attached to the TV and supported a variety of games such as “Spacewar”- Which again was the first ever multiplayer game released in 1962. 

Although the Brown Box was not a commercially hit product in the beginning, as it was a bit ahead of its time, it surely built the foundation of later developed advanced gaming consoles. 

The next major advancement in online gaming was in 1973 with the release of the “Empire” game. The game was officially hosted on the PLATO network system, and it was also a multiplayer game that allowed players to compete with each other using their own separate devices. 

Online gaming market size from 2022 to 2032

Alt text: Online gaming market size from 2022 to 2032

The Advent of the Internet 

Despite its official release in 1983, it took the internet almost a decade to be extensively utilized for online gaming. The later advancements in the game started when the workstation computers began developing some high-quality graphics compatibility. 

In 1987, the internet actually broke when the gaming giant “ATARI” released its first-person shooting game called Midi Maze. The game became so popular due to an integrated “Deathmatch” mode, which could be played by up to 16 people across a network connection. 

And, somewhere around 1990, Nintendo’s Super Famicom went on its first mission of sending satellites to transfer data for the sole purpose of creating conventional and accessible online play. 

It was around this time when online gambling started booming on the internet. The whole brick-and-mortar casino system went virtual, with a variety of casino games available right at your fingertips. 

The games that it included cater to every gambler’s taste. It consisted of a huge bunch of slot games, poker, sports betting, and even an international lottery. And do you know that there’s a whole platform that gives some honest casino game reviews? So, if you’re interested, you can check Our go-to source for casino reviews

Or just to mention the worth of these virtual casinos. Do you know that the market of online gambling is worth around $40 billion worldwide?

To jump right at the peak time of online gaming, it was definitely the time when Xbox and PlayStation 2. These were the first gaming consoles that refined online play and set a strong foundation for future upgrades. 

Do You Know? 

Since its release in 1994, Sony’s PlayStation series has seen a massive hit of 579.9 million unit sales by June 2023. And PS2 was still the best-selling gaming console, with almost 158 units sold. 

The Modern Landscape

Despite having a slow start, the modern landscape of online gaming is filled with some advanced interconnectivity and lifelike graphics. The gaming console in the modern environment has become a norm, where most households nowadays own one.  

However, there also have been advancements in offline games. But the scale of online multiplayer games is just indistinguishable. Thanks to the advancements in Blockchain technology playing online games with your friends has become more safe than its originators could have ever imagined. And to discuss some numbers, it is around 1.5 billion people that access online gaming on a regular basis. 

To Put It All Together

The road to a multi-billion dollar industry has never been an easy one. There were many changes in technology along the way that made online gaming a successful industry. And, as we are still in the internet’s infancy, the future of online gaming is going to be more connective and realistic. 

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