Figma Disables its AI Design Tool After Criticism That It Copied Apple Weather

| Updated on 22 July 2024

Figma CEO Dylan Field says the company will temporarily disable its Make Design AI feature now as it was copying Apple’s weather app. This problem was first spotted by Andy Allen, the founder of NotBoring Software. He tried the new AI tool of Figma and saw that it just rips off Apple Weather even after three tries. 

Andy Allen took to X and shared this issue with his loyal followers. In no time, the news of this spread like wildfire, everyone in the tech industry was talking about it. Andy Allen said, “Figma AI looks rather heavily trained on existing apps.” 

The Make Design feature is a feature available within Figma software that allows users to generate new UI layouts and components from simple text prompts. They described it as “Just describe what you need, and the feature will provide you with a first draft.”

The idea was good, it would have allowed the developers to quickly get their ideas to reality. And, with the right Chatgpt humanizer or other AI correction tools, they can even provide more flexibility and precision.

However, the release of these tools did not go as they had hoped. 

The CEO of Figma firmly mentions that this Make Design feature is not trained on Figma content, community files, or app designs. He also said that the accusations around the data training are false. 

He believes that the company rushed into releasing the new tool and that is why the mishap happened. He said, “I have asked our team to temporarily disable the Make Design feature until we are confident we can stand behind its output.”

He said, the company will re-enable the tool when they have done a full QA on the tool.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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