iPadOS 18: Built-in Calculator and Customizable Home Screen and More

| Updated on 12 June 2024

At WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled a lot of things including iPadOS 18. The latest major update to iPadOS brings a range of new features and improvements to the iPad, including a customizable home screen and a built-in calculator. The built-in calculator is a long-awaited addition to the operating system. 

iPadOS Calculator App

Built In Calculator

After 14 years, Apple finally released a built-in calculator app for iPad users. This calculator app is redesigned to be user-friendly and more comprehensive than other third-party alternatives. Third-party apps are poorly designed, cluttered with ads, and poorly optimized for larger screens. 

The new app also supports Apple Pencil which allows the users to solve math problems by just writing them on the screen. The new calculator called Math Notes allows users to type or write out mathematical expressions and see them instantly solved in their handwriting. With this, users can also assign values to the variables when learning new concepts or performing other tasks. 

Math Notes Scratch Math

This app also includes features like history to keep track of previous calculations and unit conversions for quick view. 

Customized Home Screen

For the first time ever from Apple, iPadOS will introduce a customizable home screen. Now users can personalize their home screen and control center with greater flexibility. With this, users will be able to place their app icons anywhere on the screen, rather than in a rigid grid. 

Apart from this, app icons can also be tweaked and changed, with the option of even setting them to Dark Mode or changing colors more drastically. This is a great feature for an overall user experience that is personalized for every single user. 

Screen Sharing 

This OS will also bring another significant feature to iPadOS, screen sharing-sharing capabilities. With this, users can now share the screen with others and even draw diagrams on someone else’s iPad. 

New Control Center

Apple has also redesigned the control center for iPadOS 18. Now, it will feature multiple panels including one dedicated to media playback and another for quick access to home controls. 

The redesign will provide better access to users for things that they frequently use. It will also allow them to customize their control center for various controls.

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