TikTok Developing an AI Chatbot Called Genie

| Updated on 4 July 2024

All tech companies want to take advantage of the AI boom that is taking the industry by storm. Looks like TikTok is preparing to launch its own AI chatbot for users in the West. This news is based on a filing by TikTok in the US. 

According to a website called Semafor, TikTok has applied for the “Genie” trademark in the US for the AI chatbot name. This would be a generative AI chatbot that would enable users to pose questions and get immediate responses. 

Here is something from Semafor. 

“In May in the US, the viral video app filed to trademark the name “Genie” for an AI chatbot software that will, among other functions, simulate conversations, facilitate interaction and communication between humans and AI, and produce human-like speech and text.”

By the looks of it, TikTok wants to make it a hub for all AI features on the platform. The company has been developing its own chatbot for quite a while now. They even debuted its Ai chatbot called Tako in the Philippines in May last year.

Tako by TikTok

However, TikTok claims that Tako is designed to guide users to other videos in the app and not answer more complex queries. 

The new chatbot would be more capable and integrate all AI features of TikTok into a single point of access. There is going to be a generative AI search as well, which is now available in Douyin, the Chinese version of the app. As we reported earlier users may be able to create their own AI-generated avatars. All in all, TikTok is going to bring all its AI features under one roof with this new AI chatbot.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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