5 Tools to Build Your Content Strategy in 2024

| Updated on 10 July 2024

In the modern advanced era, low content engagement can affect your business growth, vision, and mission. On the other hand, well-researched user-generated, and strategized content can convert static content into highly interactive that acquires more interactions and engagement.  However, planning, organizing, and executing this type of content requires content tools assistance. 

With that in mind, delve into the article to explore the highly advanced top 5 content tools in 2024 to reshape your content marketing strategy and accelerate your content quality. 

Understanding Interactive Content Tools

Interactive content helps you to build an indestructible brand image and identity in the market. And to create that, you require robust content tools. These tools assist you in adding interactive and eye-catching elements, including surveys, polls, quizzes, image sliders, 3D infographics, calculators, forms, and a lot of creative features to boost your marketing efforts.  

These attributes spice up the user experience, making your content more highly optimized, attractive, and detailed. 

Top 5 Tools for Building Your Content Strategy in 2024

If you are planning to try something novel to revamp your content strategies, you surely must check out the tools discussed in the next section for the desired assistance. 



The first one on the list of the 5 top tools for building your content strategy is PopAi. Integrated with high-tech advanced innovations, this platform allows you to create quizzes, presentations, and stories with any coding needs. Ahead of this, the platform consists of an AI writer that makes the content creation process easy and affordable for any type of brand. 

Strengths Weaknesses 
AI-powered content creation assistance.Only 2 ChatGPT questions in free trials are available. 
Offers AI image generation.
Consists of PDF interactions, chart generations, and more.



Embedded with a lot of impeccable features, Outgrow.co performs the job of boosting the dead content into an alive one effortlessly. The template library allows you to make calculators, surveys, giveaways, website chatbots, assessments, and quizzes. 

Leveraging the tools that align with your business demands and needs can extract positive outcomes that lead to business growth and success.

Strengths Weaknesses 
No steep learning is required to operate the features. The business plan prices are higher than others 
Pre-existing templates’ library.
Offers customer support and live chat assistance. 



Zembula is the foreground to personalize and customize emails according to your brand requirements. The best part is the platform offers 2 options: 

  • Smart Banner: The process that updates the information and cart details the moment someone opens the emails. 
  • Smart Block: The process creates personalized data according to the customer preferences including sale offers and promotions, point balances, coupons, and more. 

However, you can prefer the one that aligns with your campaigns, brands, and products to drive more potential sales. 

Strengths Weaknesses 
Easy to integrate the user-generated content. The platform does not offer free trials. 
Triggered and CTA included emails.
Facilitate drag-and-drop editors. 



The Ceros platform helps you amp up your ROI by creating unique and interactive content that hooks the audience’s interests. You can optimize the shopping catalogs, magazines, galleries, and more on the landing pages that level up your brand vision and engagement. 

Strengths Weaknesses 
User-friendly training videos and guides.Lack of integration.
Supports drag-and-drop editing functionality.
Integrated with AI assistant.



Mapme is popular for creating interactive map designs even without coding expertise or knowledge. The platform can be handled in various industries and use cases, including project portfolios, real estate listings, marketers, agencies, and a lot more. 

Strengths Weaknesses 
Add media including text, images, videos, and audio clips. May encounter loading and buffering issues. 
Supports integration of the WordPress. 
No coding tools are required.

Advantages of Using Interactive Content in Your Content Strategy

Interactive content can be a game changer for your brand, immense popularity and exponential growth. Therefore, check out some major benefits of it: 

Improved Customer Feedback

The interactive and personalized content can nourish the user experience, resulting in generating more leads and ensuring positive customer feedback. The assessment forms and quizzes can redirect more responsive lead generation

Increased Brand Memorability

Static content that doesn’t include any transition and unique elements fails to grab the audience’s attention. However, the interactive content ensures that one iconic approach hits the audience’s attention and interests and remains etched in the minds. 

Building Trust and Credibility

Integration of tools such as calculators, and shopping catalogs builds trust and credibility, ensuring brand value, loyalty, and reputation in the market. 

Boosting Conversions and Sales

Interactive and unique content often converts into conversions and leads. The quizzes or surveys frequently help the customers to the product or services gallery and seal the deal offers. 

Improving SEO

The highly researched SEO optimization helps the content to grab the top positions in Google’s leaderboard, generating more organic traffic and website visits. 

Creating Engaging Content

The content generated with the assistance of the content tools ensures higher engagement. Whether you are planning a survey or assessment, the interactive content has got you covered. 

Conclusion: Re-energize your Business  

The interactive content can bring more wins and wins to your businesses. But remember consistency is the key to success and in content marketing this is the only approach for exponential growth. Leverage the best tool plan and execute the strategies for a while, and monitor and analyze the results for future assistance. 

Overall, by actively engaging your audience by all means, no one can stop your business from reaching greater heights of success. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the 3 C’s of content?

The 3C’s of content are creation, curation, and conversion 

What are the three pillars of content strategy?

The three main pillars of the content strategy are communications, experiences, and operations. 

Why is content strategy important for business?

An effective content strategy helps you elevate your brand image, and business, ensuring generative leads and ROI. 

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