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| Updated on 11 July 2024

Stress, tension, anxiety, and depression are on the rise because people these days do not have time to take care of their mental health. This is evident not only in working professionals, but also in students, housewives, and many others who are experiencing emotional breakdowns or loneliness in their lives. Keeping this serious concern in mind, / was established to create a happier world.

The platform provides a wide range of thought-provoking exercises, meditation guides, events, videos, workshops, helpful networks, and much more. 

Let us explore the beautiful and soothing world of, including its features, benefits, and plans. Overview and Features

liveamoment org Platform Interface

Liveamoment is a platform designed to promote human connection and the emotional well-being of an individual to improve mental health and overall life quality. The app provides a secure and supportive environment in which you can express your true emotions and receive compassion and sympathy from the community. Most of the services here are free to use, but to enjoy some exclusive benefits, you can take the subscription. 

Live a Moment serves you with several top-notch features that make it different from other platforms in the domain. They include the following:

Daily Personalized Task

Every day, you find a question on the platform that tests your feelings about pleasure, thankfulness, difficulties, etc. This increases the user’s interest and engagement. These questions will help you gain a better understanding of the various situations and environments in your life.  

Educational Resources

The platform also includes a variety of podcasts, movies, informative articles, blogs, videos, tutorials, and other resources to help you raise awareness. This material covers various helpful and mindful concepts for your mental well-being so that you can apply them in your daily life. 

Guided Mindfulness

Regardless of your level of knowledge, / provides a vast library of challenging and meaningful exercises, as well as guided meditation, breathing exercises, and digital prompts. The site covers a wide range of topics, including stress reduction, self-love, sleep improvement, and happiness. All these meditation concepts are designed by experts to promote your inner peace. 

Events and Workshops

This website hosts a variety of events and workshops regularly, providing opportunities for you to learn, connect, and evolve. You can also find interactive webinars and in-person retreats about stress management, mindful living, and personal development.

Mobile Compatibility

The best thing about is its easy accessibility through a smartphone app. No matter where you are, you can explore the guided meditations, community interactions, and daily requests whenever you get a break.

Furthermore, the platform’s user-friendly navigation allows you to easily access all of its features. 

Benefits of

Mental Well being with Liveamoment org

The platform offers a vast number of benefits that work for the betterment of the human race by touching various aspects of life. These benefits are discussed below:

Mental Well-being

The platform provides motivating content that is designed to help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental tensions and calm your brain muscles. By following them regularly, you can make your surroundings peaceful, improve emotional regulation, and react effectively in stressful situations.

Personal Growth 

This software’s self-reflection tools can help you start a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It gives more clarity into thoughts, feelings, and behavior which can bring beautiful life changes. 

Better Focus and Productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, where there are so many options and our time is limited, it is extremely difficult to focus on a single task. But this platform offers you so many mindful practices that may help you boost your concentration, which will eventually increase your productivity.

Better Sleep Cycle

Meditation brings peace into your life, which positively affects your sleeping pattern. You can incorporate its practices into your nighttime routine to achieve stress-free sleep and improve your mood and energy. 

Increased Resilience

Regular engagement with tools and practices makes you emotionally and psychologically strong. This will help you deal with your lows and difficulties in a healthy way to maintain a positive outlook. 

Supportive Community

It is more than a platform with tools and services. Here, you can engage with a community of like-minded individuals through forums, social media, and support groups to exchange your thoughts and build a sense of personal growth. This also helps in getting inspiration and encouragement throughout your journey. 

Furthermore, allows you to share your thoughts, emotions, stress, and negative life experiences without fear of being judged by others. This helps you develop more self-acceptance and compassion, as well as inner peace.  

How to Use the

Bring Positivity with Liveamoment org

Do you want to bring a positive change in your life and get free from your negative thoughts and scenarios? The doors at are open for you. You should follow the steps given below to get the most out of this platform:

  1. First, visit the official site of or download its app on your phone. 
  2. Now, create a profile by entering the required details, add a picture, share your hobbies, and personalize the daily notifications for a better experience. 
  3. Next, take a 3-minute reflection exercise every day when you visit the platform. These 3 minutes create a sense of emotional awareness and self-reflection.
  4. After the test, you’ll have to select three keywords that best describe your current mood, which makes you more aware of your thoughts and emotions. 
  5. The selected words are then projected onto the global emotion chart by /, allowing you to identify and connect with people who share your sentiments. This way you won’t feel lonely and stay motivated. 
  6. Finally, the platform will ask you to record a 15-second video if the team wants an in-depth look into your emotional experiences and current psychology. However, it is completely optional. 

In case of any trouble, feedback, or suggestions, you can visit the Contact page of / and fill in the basic details and your message in the given fields. Apart from that, you can also email me at

Future Plans of

Live a Healthy Life with Liveamoment org

The platform is continuously evolving to serve a helpful environment for you. Noticing user feedback and technological developments, some notable advancements that will be introduced by shortly are as under: 

  • The team will post more content and resources on the site including guided meditations, exercises, augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, and interactive workshops. 
  • To provide a more customized experience, it is going to integrate artificial intelligence to offer recommendations as per your preferences, goals, and progress. 
  • Liveamoment is also working on delivering its services to a wider audience by breaking geographical and socioeconomic barriers.
  • Understanding the power of community, the platform is enhancing community features such as live group sessions and interactive forums to strengthen the bond.

Along with these plans and developments, the platform is inviting researchers and experts to provide you with better guidance.

Final Thoughts

/ has brought a mindful revolution with its powerful tools & resources, engaging events, supportive community, workshops, and more. You can integrate them into your daily routine and explore the benefits of the platform.

So, forget about your worries and anxieties and try to live a happy, peaceful life by utilizing the useful content on

Frequently Asked Questions
Is safe and reliable?

Yes, with its over-the-top user security and data privacy measures the platform is highly secure and reliable.

Are Liveamoment’s resources and tools free to use?

Yes, there are so many free resources available on the platform. But you can also opt for the premium version for additional materials and guides.

Is suitable for beginners?

The site is designed to help individuals at all stages to make their lives peaceful and stress-free.

How is / different from other mindfulness apps?

The software offers a wide range of mindful resources, flexible premium plans, a supportive community, a commitment to safety and security, and other features that distinguish it.

Can I contribute content to

Yes, you can submit helpful articles, videos, or other resources that match the motive and mission of the team.

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