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| Updated on 16 July 2024
 wood beams

When you want to give your space an earthy and rustic look, wood beams are a timeless match. They add a unique charm as well as warmth, infused with a character as an architectural element. 

Despite their popular use in winter homes, they are also used in commercial buildings to provide structure and support. 

Hiring a professional team like  highland interior design is a great idea as they understand the impact of wood beams for an interesting visual appeal.

Therefore, in this blog post, we explore the different styles and types of wood beams available and how to incorporate them to create a  

Why Wood Beams Matter

In interior designing, using wood beams is more than just an aesthetic choice. The feel of the lumber and many customization options make it an appealing element. 

You can create different levels of grid patterns or paint the beams white for a minimalist and clean look. 

Here are the reasons to incorporate wood beams in your house or commercial space:  

Enhancing Architectural Features

Using wood beams to enhance the visual appeal of your place, creates an inviting ambiance. Essentially, it uplifts a space by drawing the gaze towards the ceilings, adding both grandeur and a natural design element.

In fact, if an area has an open-concept layout, it works really well to define different rooms and their features.   

Adding Warmth and Texture

The texture of the wood itself has a unique character that exudes warmth and a natural look. Creating interiors with this element requires technical expertise and knowledge of different types of use. 

Learning about the longevity of wood and how to use it properly in a specific style is a mark of excellent craftsmanship. Therefore, wood beams are both an accessory as well a structural material for a harmonious flow throughout the rooms.  

Versatility in Styles

Wood represents life and incorporating beams in interiors means bringing a part of nature and adding versatility. 

It is also a way to infuse rustic with traditional, as well as connect modern and minimalist design styles. Moreover, wood beams can be customized easily according to a small or large area. 

Wooden beams are also safer to use as electrical insulators, limiting the risk of sudden electrical shocks.

Types of Wood Beams

Designers and contractors use different types of wood beams as per client’s requirements. Every type of wood has its strengths, and therefore, its uses and durability vary. Take a look at the types of beams you can use. 

Solid Wood Beams

Most popular beams are made of solid wood and come in varying sizes and structures. They add depth and authenticity to a room but can be heavy and costly. They are the preferred choice for those who want a traditional and rustic design.  

Faux Wood Beams

Nowadays, construction companies have a high demand for faux wood beams that are made from polyurethane material.  

They look like real wood but are lightweight, affordable, and easier to install. Most homeowners who want to take up a DIY project for their new home consider this element. 

Reclaimed Wood Beams

Another option for designers is Reclaimed wood, sourced from old buildings and structures. Unlike the polished wooden look, this one is interesting because of its natural patterns, carried through history with its unique patina.  

It is a sustainable design style that is climate-friendly and has its own story and character.

Types of Wood Beams in Construction

Choosing the Right Beam Style

From style and durability, customizing a wood beam may take longer if the client’s requirements are not clear. 

Therefore, designers need to choose the right beam style according to their initial plan, the space available, and the weight of the wood.  

Exposed Beams

An open layout of a room with a rustic look is best showcased with exposed wooden beams. They are left uncovered because they present the authenticity and beauty of the lumbar.  

Unlike popular artistic beliefs, they work very well with rustic as well as contemporary settings, adding an interesting architectural element. 

Box Beams

If you want an affordable beam style, consider box beams that are hollow wood planks. They look like solid beams but are lighter and can also be used to cover existing structures. 

Choosing custom-made box beams has the functional benefit of covering pipes and giving a well-defined framing to a building. 

Decorative Beams

As the name suggests, decorative beams are for adding a visual appeal but do not bear any load. They enhance the style of a room without worrying about the structural design. 

Installation Tips

Installing wood beams requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Hiring Professionals

The best method to give a polished and finished look to your rustic style is by hiring professionals. After all, it’s not just about finding and installing a beautiful piece of wood, but also ensuring it is aligned properly to prevent any issues. 

Measuring and Planning

Since the wood beams are customized according to the room, they should have the correct measurements to carefully position them against the ceiling. 

Every planning stage should be precise from the cutting to examining the weight of the wood, to achieve a balanced and symmetrical look. 

Choosing the Right Finish

Finally, the polishing and finishing can also transform the overall design of a space. The type of paint, decor, fabric patterns, and colors also matter and therefore should align with the type of beams. 

Colors inspired by nature like green, sky blue, and shades of brown, go very well with wooden beams to create a beautiful rustic look. 

Incorporating Wood Beams in Different Rooms

Styling a small or big room requires incorporating different types of beams to enhance the overall look. Here are some useful tips for each area of your house. 

Living Room

The most used space to have wooden beams is the living room. It becomes a unique feature that is a focal point and instantly creates an inviting, cozy look. You can add an unpainted brick fireplace or  large windows for a dramatic effect.


Black Wood Beams in Kitchen

Adding beams to the kitchen might seem like a challenge, however, many utilize colored wood to emphasize the height of the space for a farmhouse or industrial look. 

It also gives a perfect opportunity to showcase a pendant light and open shelving design for an eye-catching style. 


White walls and wood beams are a stunning combination, especially in a bedroom, as they add an instant feel of coziness and romance. Consider a canopy bed with an exposed beam along with a hint of golden in the bed fabrics for a luxurious touch. 

Maintaining Your Wood Beams

Though durable and strong, wooden beams require regular maintenance for a polished style. Check the tips mentioned here for a cost-effective finish. 

Regular Cleaning

For a long-lasting and clean look, dusting and cleaning are necessary to prevent the buildup of dirt that may make breathing difficult. Clean it with a soft cloth and gentle cleaning solutions that are harmless for the wood. 

Addressing Wear and Tear

Through time, even the strength of wood may show wear and tear. Therefore, inspect the beams regularly and address any issues quickly to prevent any future damage. 

Reapplying Finishes

To restore the look of the wooden beams, you can apply wax or varnish to preserve the color. You can also use UV-resistant oil for outer beams to protect it from natural elements. 

The Environmental Impact of Wood Beams

There are divisive opinions about using wood beams because of their availability and styling. Though there is no limitation to using different styling materials, using wooden beams emits less carbon dioxide than other building materials. 

Other design and construction factors to consider are: 

Sustainable Sourcing

If the wood beams are sustainably sourced, it minimizes the environmental impact. To ensure responsible forestry practices, always look for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifications. 

Reclaimed Wood

Most of the people who look for sustainable and eco-friendly design materials choose reclaimed wood beams to reduce waste and repurpose existing materials. 

After all, adding wooden beams is a design accessory with a unique history and character and can be customized further by hiring a professional team. 

Longevity and Durability

For a home or a commercial building, using wood beams is durable. It reduces the need for frequent replacements and improves longevity. 


Transforming a place needs precise planning and adjusting styling ideas. And thinking of adding a wooden beam is an interesting choice to add rustic and timeless beauty. 

It is a versatile architectural element that is used in homes as well as commercial buildings. Designers also consider it valuable because it could be customized with different styles using solid, faux, or reclaimed wood beams. 

The tips and insights shared in this blog will help you confidently incorporate wood and natural elements to enhance the beauty of your space. 

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