Google Play Store Now Makes Downloading and Installing Apps Easier

| Updated on 1 May 2024

Big news for the Android users coming in from Google. After testing the feature for a few years, Google has finally rolled out the simultaneous app downloads and installs on the Play Store. It is a nice improvement to Android as we had to wait for each app to install separately. 

To check it out, go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and pick apps that are big in size, like Google Docs and Sheets. Check out how they download and install concurrently instead of first waiting for one to finish. 

Users can monitor the progress of the app download from the home screen or the Play Store. 

However, there is a caveat on this. This new feature works only for the new app downloads and not on the updates. For now, with this new feature, users can install two apps at a time, and the third app download will remain pending until one of the apps is downloaded and installed. 

If we compare this with iOS, the Apple App Store can handle three concurrent downloads and installs at the moment. 

Google Play Store 

As we’ve mentioned the new feature is not available for app updates for now, which would be more useful for us. Because we update apps more frequently than we download and install them. 

Well, it is just a matter of time before the simultaneous app updates feature is also available on the Play Store. 

This new simultaneous app downloads and installs feature would be pretty useful when setting up a new device as most of us download a large number of apps. 

This change is now available to every Android user, go ahead and update your device. 

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