According to Report: Apple Pencil with Support for Both iPad and Apple Vision Pro in Testing

| Updated on 2 April 2024

Apple is exploring new avenues in tech, they are targeting user interaction with tech. Just like they did with their stellar product – Vision Pro. Now, according to a new report from MacRumors, Apple is currently working on a new version of Apple Pencil that could work seamlessly with Apple Vision Pro and iPad. 

MacRumors cited an unnamed source for this report. It mentioned that the tech giant is currently testing an Apple Pencil that works with VisionOS. For now, the Apple Pencil available today works only with a few versions of iPad.

If the report is accurate then we might see another mode of user interaction with Apple products. Users will be able to use the Apple Pencil model while Wearing the Apple Vision Pro. 

The details on this are not confirmed as of yet, but the report speculates that users might be able to draw on a flat surface or a desk with a new Apple Pencil. The drawing would appear on the Vision Pro, this will make a person’s surroundings a giant canvas. 

The new Apple Pencil is scheduled to launch with new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in April this year. However, it is not confirmed if it will support the VisionOS. Or the support for VisionOS will come in later iterations of the Apple Pencil. 

VisionOS would also need to be tweaked to support the Apple Pencil, but it is unclear which version of the software might add support. The company is expected to announce VisionOS 2 at its developers conference WWDC in June. 

Anu Joy

Tech Journalist

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