Asus ROG Ally Gets Frame Boosting Feature: An Important Update

| Updated on 26 April 2024

A top-tier gaming PC gaming handheld released by ASUS in June 2023, ROG Ally, is a great device and received quite well by users. 

Since the device’s release, the companies have continued to push updates to make the device better at gaming. 

Back in January, the company revealed that it would be bringing support for AMD Fluid Motion Frames to ROG Ally through a feature update in later months. 

It’s been many months since then, and ASUS has finally revealed that they are going to drop this feature today. This update to the ASUS ROG Ally has a lot of small bug fixes but the most important part is the AMD Fluid Motion Frames support. 

Well, you might ask, what is AMD Fluid Motion Frames technology? It is a tech designed by AMD that makes your games run more smoothly by creating additional frames in games. In simple words, this tech will create additional missing frames in games for added motion clarity. This results in better gaming performance. 

So, if you own ASUS ROG Ally, get ready for smoother gaming sessions from today. Go ahead and update your device and take full advantage of this technology. 

Here is what AUS posted on X (formerly Twitter). 

Now, ROG Ally is going to be a great device as they’ve been pushing regular updates since its release. It was an impressive device at the launch but now it has become a dream gaming handheld device.

Anu Joy

Tech Journalist

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