Big Changes to iPhone Repair Program: Apple Allows Support with Used Genuine Parts

| Updated on 15 April 2024

Apple is making big changes to its self-repair program that will allow users to repair their iPhones with the used parts. The company shared this news in a blog post and said that this change has been made to maintain an iPhone user’s privacy, security, and safety while offering consumers more options. 

From now on, consumers as well as third-party repair solution providers will be able to utilize used Apple parts for repairing iPhones. 

Here is what Apple quoted in a press release. 

“Used genuine Apple parts will now benefit from the full functionality and security afforded by the original factory calibration, just like new genuine Apple parts.”

The company will enable the reuse of parts such as biometric sensors used for Face ID or Touch ID. Along with this, the company will also allow the calibration of genuine Apple parts, new or used, on the device after the part is installed. Now, older iPhone models will be able to support used biometric sensors. 

The new process for allowing used parts heavily depends upon Apple’s Activation Lock program. The activation lock program will ensure that any used parts entered into the repair program are not from lost or stolen iPhones. Once the part has been cleared from the Activation program, it will be calibrated for the new device. 

But before the calibration process, the part must go through pairing, which will confirm that it is a genuine part. 

The company said that the repair program will begin this fall. They have not announced an exact date. 

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