Google Introduces Gemini, Help Me Write, and More in Chromebook Plus

| Updated on 29 May 2024
Google Introduced AI Features in Chromebook Plus

With AI being integrated into every product available in the market whether it is hardware or software, Google is not going to be left behind with its budget laptop operating system. 

Last year, Google introduced a new standard called Chromebook Plus. This is a standard that represents ChromeOS laptops that meet the specific hardware requirements set by Google to run AI features. Most Chromebook Plus laptops typically cost more than $350. 

With new Chromebook Plus laptops, Google is now offering free 12 months of the Google AI premium plan, which includes Gemini Advanced. The Gemini Advanced model is more capable than the free version of Gemini. There are a lot of new Chromebook Plus laptops coming later this year which will include the new Google AI premium plan. 

Now, let’s take a look at the new AI features coming to the Chromebook Plus models. 

Google has listed these three AI features in a blog post that will be available for Chromebook Plus users this year. 

Help Me Write (English Only): This tool will bring the power of Google AI to where you write. It will be available everywhere on the Chromebook Plus where you type. Users can write in a text field to get suggestions or change the tone of the text. This feature will also help the users generate text from scratch using a prompt. 

Generative AI Wallpaper and Video Call Backgrounds: This is a feature baked into the OS that allows users to create new worlds in their video meetings on laptops. They will include a variety of prompts to get you started with the background creation. Users need to mention what they want to see and Google AI will create that for you.

Magic Editor with Google Photos: The most important update is the magic editor with Google Photos. This is a feature that is already available in some top-tier mobile devices and now coming to laptops. To get started, select a photo from Google Photos and then tap on the Magic Editor button to get started. This will allow the users to do fun stuff like circle the object they want to edit, drag and reposition an object, or pinch to resize the objects. With Magic Editor, users can also use contextual suggestions like improving lighting and more. 

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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