Google Photos AI Editing Tools: Best Features Coming to Chromebooks for Free

| Updated on 19 April 2024

Google has some of the best AI-powered editing tools we can find on the market. These tools were reserved for Pixel users and paid users. Some of these tools weren’t even available for paid users as well.

Now, everything is going to change. Google is set to offer their best AI-powered editing tools, offered through Google Photos, to Chromebooks – without any subscription. These tools may include, Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light. It will not be available on other PCs. It will also include their most powerful, magic Editor. 

These features have been previously limited to those with a Pixel phone or willing to pay for a subscription. But now, these will be available to everyone from May 15. However, there are caveats to it. 

Your phone must be running Android 8 or later versions, in the case of iPhone, it should have at least iOS 15. For Chromebook users, ChromeOS version 118+ is required. Users also need to have at least 4GB RAM, regardless of which device they are using. 

Magic Eraser and Portrait lighting have been available to non-Pixel devices for a long time. However, users required a subscription to use them, not anymore. 

The magic editor, first introduced on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro is also made available. It is a tool that lets one manipulate their photos, like repositioning subjects, changing their size, or completely changing the sky or more. It will also be made available for free. 

However, non-Pixel users will only get to use it 10 times a month. If you want to use more, get a Google subscription. 

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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