Instagram Chief Says That Followers Matter Less

| Updated on 4 April 2024

Instagram and Thread head, Adam Mosseri posted a thread on his account that cleared a few questions in the minds of social media users. Here is what he posted. 

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Well, according to Adam, engagement is more important than follower counts. We can agree on that, follower count can be gamed or cheated but views and like count cannot. 

Adam says follower counts are ‘prominent and easy to find’, which is why they are considered good metrics. But the question is, you are the head of a social media platform, make it so that these metrics are not that prominent. 

If you want, you can change it, right? This thinking of follower count can drive negative experiences and behavior. Even Jack Dorsey pointed this out in 2018 when he said that “We put all the emphasis on the follower count at the beginning”. 

This was done by increasing the follower count font a little bit. Later, Twitter (now X) addressed this issue by making the follower count font a little bit smaller. 

If Adam believed in that, then why did they present follower count as a parameter when they designed Threads? When you go to a profile on Threads, you can only see the follower count at the top of the page, you could argue that it has lighter fonts, but it gets prime placement. 

We all know that engagement is the true parameter to gauge the success of a social media profile. But, these companies like Instagram and Threads need to understand that first and design their products according to that. 

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