High-End Intel CPU Crashes: Company Blames the Aggressive Motherboards

| Updated on 1 May 2024

The consumers have reported that the 13th and 14th generation Intel CPUs have been crashing regularly and are not good for great performance. They crash when running 3D games and resource-intensive programs. 

Previously, the company stated that they are aware of the issue and a few motherboard makers have issued the BIOS updates trying to fix it. But now an internal memo from the company is pointing fingers at those same motherboard manufacturers. 

According to an article by Igor’s Lab, Intel has issued a message to the motherboard manufacturers concerning prolonged stability on the 13th-generation Raptor Lake and 14th-generation Raptor Lake chips. 

The internal memo blames the 600 and 700-series chipsets with BIOS settings that “disable thermal and power delivery safeguard designed to limit processor exposure to sustained periods of high voltage and frequency.”

The company says that features designed to protect the chips from these types of issues are disabled by the motherboard manufacturers in the name of higher performance. 

Intel hasn’t nailed down the precise mechanism of the CPU crashes. The company says that they are continuously investigating the issue to determine the root cause and will provide additional updates once there is some concrete evidence relating to this. 

The company will also be publishing a public statement regarding the issue status and its recommended BIOS setting recommendations targeted for May 2024.

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