LinkedIn Launches Games on Its Platform

| Updated on 3 May 2024

LinkedIn is now giving users tools to relax on their platform. They are now offering three games for their users to play on mobile app or on desktop. 

Starting from Mat, 1st, 2024, you will be able to play three different games – Pinpoint, Crosslimb, and Queens. For now, you will be able to play each game once per day. Once your sessions are over, there are going to be all kinds of metrics including high scores and daily streaks. 

Users can access the LinkedIn games under the LinkedIn News and My Network section on Desktop or the My Network tab on Mobile. 

Pinpoint is a word association game that will unveil five different words and you have to guess the category based on those words. There is a timer for this, you have to guess the category with as few words as possible. 

Crosslimb is a trivia game with wordplay. Here, you will be given a clue for a word, and with that word as a starting point, you’ll have to create a ladder of words with each subsequent entry being just one letter off from the one before. When the ladder is arranged in the correct order, it will reveal the clue to guess the locked entries on the ladder to win. 

Out of the three, Queens is the most interesting one. In this, you’ll have to fill the grid with queens in such a manner that there is only one queen in every row, column, and region. You also have to be sure that no queen is touching each other.

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