Meta Lunched New AI Powered Ad Tools at NewFronts 2024

| Updated on 6 May 2024

At NewFronts 2024, Meta has revealed several new ad tools powered by AI. These new tools are improved creator search for affiliate campaigns, multi-destination product ads for reels, and more. 

The first new tool is an AI-powered creator recommendation for brands in Instagram’s Creator Marketplace to help brands find the perfect creator according to their match. 

Instagram Creator Marketplace

Take a look at the example from above, the new AI system will give brands the top-ranked matches for your ad campaigns based on many parameters like audience similarity and more. 

So, with this, brands will now be able to find relevant creators for the targeted audience. 

In another feature, it is also extending its AI “Image Expansion” option for Advantage+ creative, with marketers now able to use Image Expansion for Reels campaigns as well. 

Now, image expansion will make it easier to reform your creative elements to fit the format of the ad. 

The company is also launching multi-destination product ads for reels. Here each item from your product catalog will display a relevant match to each user. 

Lastly, the company is also adding the new Remined Ads where brands could include external links to a new product in reminder promotion. It will provide more functionality for reminder promotions. Now, you will have the capacity to prompt users about upcoming events, products, and in-stream.

With these additions, Meta made their ad market more sophisticated. They hope it will drive more conversions, which means more revenue for them.

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