Sony PlayStation 5 Pro to Come with Better GPU and Memory

| Updated on 16 April 2024

Sony is gearing up for the new and more powerful PS5 console that may be released by the end of this year. The specs of the upcoming PS5 console were leaked online in several reports. 

According to sources familiar with the matter, the company is planning to tell the developers to ensure their games are compatible with the upcoming console, with a focus on improving ray tracing. 

They are asking developers to optimize their titles for the upcoming PS5 Pro, which is set to be three times faster than the regular PS5. The project is currently codenamed, Trinity, which is said to go official in Q4 of 2024. 

The new model will include a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU. All these changes are giving us hints that the new model will be more capable of rendering games with ray tracing enabled or hitting higher resolutions and frame rates. 

According to the source, the company expects that GPU rendering will be around 45% faster in the newer model. The GPU will be larger and use faster system memory to help improve ray tracing in games. They are also using more powerful raytracing architecture. 

“Trinity is a high-end version of PlayStation 5,” reads one document from Sony. The company also plans to sell the older model even after the launch of a newer model. 

If the developers are able to optimize their games for the PS5 Pro in time, then we can expect it to launch this holiday season. 

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