Valve Confirms Your Steam Account Can’t be Transferred to Another Person After You Die

| Updated on 29 May 2024

Steam has been the go-to destination for PC gamers for more than two decades. The platform now has over 132 million monthly active users, according to the latest data from the company. 

There is bad news for all these users, they won’t be able to hand down their Steam gaming library to anyone when they die. 

The confirmation for this came from Steam Support personnel earlier this month when a user named delete12345 from ResetEra shared his conversation with the Steam Support team. 

Here is the screenshot of the conversation. 

Steam Support Staff Conversation

He asked the staff if he could put his steam library in his will. Unfortunately, he got an unexpected reply from the Steam Support staff. The support staff said that Steam accounts and games are non-transferable and users cannot provide someone else with access to the account or merge its content with another Steam account. 

The staffer also wrote, “I regret to inform you that your Steam account cannot be transferred via a will.”

The response from the gaming community has been a mixed bag, some users showed their dissent towards news and some are okay with it. Many of the users are already searching for a workaround that will allow their loved ones to access their games once they are dead. 

Some have reacted with disinterest, saying that this can be easily overlooked by just giving your loved ones the login credentials. And the user can change the details of the account like payment card and more without informing Valve about it. 

While this looks like a plausible way to use Steam’s account by bypassing their policies. But this could only be a short-term solution. According to some users, Steam could drum up an investigation if they see that an account in use past the length of a person’s average lifespan. 

All of this is just speculation by users on Reddit and other social media platforms. It remains to be seen whether Steam will change their policy or not. Steam might have to reconsider its position once enough users pester them about it on various social media websites.

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