Threads Rolls Out Side Swiping Post Interest UI

| Updated on 5 June 2024

The company has been testing the side-swiping post-interest UI with selected users for the past couple of months. Now, they are rolling out the feature for all users. 

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Threads Side Swiping Post Interest UI

This is an example of how it looks on Threads. Now, the mobile users of the app will be able to swipe right to like a post and swipe left to signal they’re not interested in this type of post. 

Check out what Threads chief Adam Mosseri posted on the platform. This means the users will now have a direct means to influence the Threads algorithm and improve the recommendations that are shown in your feed. This could be a big step in improving user retention and engagement on the platform. 

Till now, threads have been relying on Instagram for the indicators of what is being shown on your feed. Now, your interests will dictate the feed on Threads. People use different apps very differently even if they are from the same creators. 

So, this move from Threads is a good initiative to boost engagement on the platform. However, the company has to communicate to the users about the change in the platform. It is possible that most users won’t be aware of it or won’t use it. 

But this is a good chance to refine the user experience on the platform and make it more user-friendly. For the last few months, the platform has been making a slew of changes to it. Ultimately all of this will add up and make Threads a really engaging and interactive platform to share our thoughts on.

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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