TikTok is Adding DM Streaks to Boost Engagement

| Updated on 3 June 2024

TikTok is looking to build a more popular Snapchat feature into its platform to engage users. It is looking for ways to keep people on the app, this time with a feature called DM streaks. 

The company is testing the new feature, DM Streaks on the platform. DM Streaks is activated when users maintain daily messaging interaction. 

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TikTok DM Streaks

Check out this image posted by app researcher Radu Oncescu. The Platform will now be alerting the users that they’ve activated a DM streak in the app. The new alert also has a fire emoji and the streak count placed right next to it. 

Here is how TikTok describes it. 

“Unlock a streak by sending messages to each other for three consecutive days. The streak will end if both of you didn’t message each other in the last 24 hours.”

From the looks of it, TikTok is essentially copying one of the most popular features of Snapchat. They might need to tweak it a little bit more to make it look unique to the platform. 

But the burning question is why would TikTok add this? 

The right answer is that TikTok and Snapchat caters to the same demographics and some Snapchat users are very dedicated to their DM streaks. This might be the reason why TikTok felt that it would be interesting to add this feature. 

Some Snap users have maintained a streak of 6 long years and counting. This is like a compulsion for many users and it benefits the platform as users log in everyday to do stuff. 

But we don’t know how the TikTok users are going to react when they get this feature. Will this work for TikTok? Only time will tell.

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