After Suing US Government TikTok will Continue to Oppose US Sell or Ban Bill

| Updated on 16 May 2024

Last week TikTok sued the US Government over the sale or ban bill passed by the Senate. This was an attempt to oppose the bill passed by the Senate, but it may not work out as TikTok hopes. 

After that, TikTok is continuing to oppose the bill by any means necessary. Now, they’ve taken to various social media platforms to showcase the economic impact of TikTok in specific US states. TikTok is doing this to underline the value the platform brings to the US business and small creators. 

TikTok’s Economic Impact in Minnesota

Here is what the company tweeted about it. 

TikTok believes that by doing this, they’re going to garner support from its user community. It hopes that the community will lobby their local senators to oppose the sale or ban bill. 

Back in March, TikTok also issued warning notes in the app to the users to call on their local representatives to get this bill voted down. 

That didn’t work in their favor as the bill was passed by the House and the Senate last month. But that is like convincing the US senators that it would never attempt to use that exact same influence to drive political outcomes. 

However, it is highly unlikely that it would affect any change in the outcome. The bill is passed and they can not do anything about it apart from challenging it in court, which they did. 

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