Windows and Surface to have a New Head

| Updated on 2 April 2024
Microsoft Surface Laptop

After the departure of Panos Panay to Amazon last year, Microsoft split up the Windows and Surface divisions and appointed two heads for both units. 

Splitting the two units went against Microsoft’s history and they are revising the course. Now, they’ve realized their mistake and gone back to the original plan of running both teams by the same person. According to an internal memo accessed by The Verge, a company veteran, Pavan Davuluri will now run both Windows and Surface Teams. 

When Panos Panay left the company, Mikhail Parakhin took Windows and Web Experiences while Pavan Davuluri maintained his position as General Manager of Surface. 

The memo by Rakesh Jha, Microsoft’s Head of Experiences and Devices, accessed by The Verge outlines the new Windows organization. Jha explains that ‘This will enable us to take a holistic approach to building silicon, systems, experiences, and devices that span Windows client and cloud for this AI era.’

Pavan has been with Microsoft for 23 years and has worked with Qualcomm and AMD on behalf of Microsoft to create custom Surface processors. He will report to Rakesh Jha. 

This move comes after Mustafa Suleyman left Inflection and Google’s DeepMind to lead the new Microsoft AI venture as CEO. 

This is a significant change in the company’s leadership as Windows and Surface are like brothers who cannot exist without each other. Surface lineup has acted as a showcase for changes the company makes in the operating system, apps, or services. Uniting the software and hardware divisions is a holistic approach that Microsoft has generally preached. 

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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