X Introduces Mandatory ID Verification for Ad Revenue Share Participants

| Updated on 24 May 2024

This is going to be one of the controversial decisions of the platform, the users won’t be happy about it. 

Now, X have updated the new eligibility criteria for the X revenue share. Have a look at this. 

The company has updated the documentation of the eligibility criteria and sent a note to all the participants that they need to submit a government issued ID for verification. 

X Update Eligibility Criteria

You can see from the above image that all the participants will have to go through the ID verification process by July 1, 2024. The new creators will have to do it immediately, the July deadline is for the current creators. 

To update the ID on X, creators need to take a selfie and submit a copy of a government ID to be checked. 

The government ID will not be checked by an automated system at X or a human behind a screen. The verification process will actually go through X’s third party verification partner, Au10tix. X has outsourced its ID verification process to this company. 

Au10tix has been a reliable partner for X since September last year as they’ve been doing the ID verification for Premium users. It was another step for users to create authenticity on the platform.

This wasn’t a requirement till now for X’s ad payouts. It has caused some issues with the ad payouts, that is why the change was warranted. 

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