Xbox Console Sales are Down 30 Percent

| Updated on 30 April 2024

The tech giant, Microsoft announced in its third-quarter earnings that Xbox console revenue is down 30 percent year on year. Microsoft stated that the lower volume of Consoles sold during the start of 2024 is to blame for it. 

There has been a debate about the Xbox’s future as some of the biggest console exclusives decided to move on to PlayStation 5. This is clear evidence of why Microsoft is trying its best with a new multiplatform approach. 

“Xbox hardware revenue decreased 30% on a strong prior year comparable, driven by lower volume of consoles sold,” Microsoft also reported the same news back in April 2023. 

Now, Microsoft has more games listed in the PlayStation Store’s top 23 than Sony. 

However, that may change in the future as Call of Duty arrives for Xbox game pass. Call of Duty is part of Activision Blizzard, a company Microsoft acquired for billions of dollars. 

The Diablo IV game just arrived on the Netflix-like subscription platform this month. So, the fate of the Xbox X/S series is not that bright and that is why Microsoft is exploring other avenues for the game distribution. 

Sea of Thieves, a popular game, will come to PS5 and dominate the PlayStation Store’s top sellers list without being released. Only pre-orders are allowed for now. 

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said in a statement that “We are committed to meeting players where they are by bringing great games to more people on more devices.”

Despite sales being so bad, Microsoft is not abandoning the hardware for now. At present, they remain committed to bringing the games where the players are. 

Anu Joy

Tech Journalist

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