AI-Powered “Jump Ahead” Option is Now Available to YouTube Premium Subscribers

| Updated on 8 May 2024

For a while now, YouTube has been testing the AI-powered Jump Ahead option. This new feature allows the viewers to skip ahead to the most engaging part of a video. 

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As you can see from the above Thread, the “Jump Ahead” option is now available and viewers can simply tap on it to reach the next relevant part of the video. 

This is an AI-powered process that considers the most watched elements of each clip and suggests these points. With this, users don’t need to skim the entire video to watch important parts. 

Here is how YouTube explains it. 

“The way it works is, if a viewer is double tapping to skip ahead on an eligible segment, we’ll show a jump ahead button that will take them to the next point in the video that we think they’re aiming for. This feature will also be available to creators while watching their own videos.”

In other words, users won’t have to scan the clip, the AI will do it for you. 

For a while, YouTube has been testing this feature on a small number of premium subscribers but now, they’ve made it public for all premium YouTube users. 

If you are a YouTube premium subscriber, go and check out the notification for the YouTube Jump Ahead feature and give it a try.

YouTube also says that creators will also be able to see what people are watching most on their clips. 

YouTube has not made any comment on whether this will be made available to all YouTube users or remain a premium feature only. 

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