Solos Unveils AirGo Vision: World’s First Smart Glasses with GPT-4o

| Updated on 2 July 2024
Solos AirGo Vision Smart Glasses

Solos announced the launch of its AirGo Vision smart glasses at the Hong Kong Smart Glasses Summit. These will be the first wearables to be integrated with GPT-4o. 

These glasses can analyze visual input through cameras mounted in the glasses. The company says that the AirGo Vision will provide real-time information based on visual input, such as recognizing people, landmarks, and objects. It will also be able to give directions, check the price of some items, and more. 

It is quite similar to Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. The new version of the glasses comes with an in-built Camera and LED frames. The company says that these glasses “aim to provide consumers with both choice and privacy.” 

These glasses also include a swappable frame system. So, you can swap out the camera whenever required. If you are going somewhere where it would be socially awkward to wear glasses with a camera, you can swap it out. This can also work if you just want to look different or have some sunshades. However, additional frames will cost you. 

These smart glasses will also include a notification LED to warn you of incoming calls or emails. The company also says that these glasses can also be integrated with Google Gemini and Claude AI from Anthropic. Like the Ray-Ban from Meta, they will answer through audio; these don’t have a display. 

The company did not reveal the release date or a price, but you can expect them to be priced in the range of $300. 

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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