Sennheiser Launched New HD 620S with Closed Back

| Updated on 13 May 2024

This week Sennheiser announced their new closed-back headphone in the form of HD 620S. This new audio device offers a unique blend of superior-quality sound, advanced acoustic engineering, and ergonomic design. 

The new addition to the Sennheiser HD 600 series is a compelling offering giving users a closed back for a private listening experience without interference. All HD 600 series models are open-back headphones but this one sticks out from the rest. This new device with the new design is much better at isolating outside noise. 

The company also states that the cup covers are reinforced with steel that acts as an efficient isolator. Each cup has a 42mm dynamic transducer with a 38mm diaphragm covering the years for a quality sound experience. According to Sennheiser, the HD 620S can reproduce true-to-life sound. 

The new headphones are also focusing on delivering a comfortable experience just like open-back headphones. Sennheiser claims that these are not uncomfortable to wear as they’ve accommodated airflow for comfort. Sennheiser claims that spacious ear cup covers and supple ear pads enable them to offer good ventilation for heat dissipation. 

Just like the cups, the headband is also made up of reinforced steel for durability. These puppies are also lightweight. Pre-orders on these are now open, you can purchase a pair for $349.95, here is the link. The shipping date is June 6, 2024. When you purchase this product, you’ll receive a six-foot cable in the box. However, Sennheiser will also make an optional cable of 4.4mm available for audiophiles. The optional cable will significantly improve the audio fidelity.

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