AWE Expo Long Beach, California

| Updated on 3 May 2024

AWE USA is a must-attend global XR industry event that is going to be held in Long Beach, California. 

This three-day AR and VR conference is packed with powerful sessions from 400+ top speakers across 15 categories that cover tech, applications, and more. 

The grand expo hall will feature more than 300 exhibitors who will offer hands-on experience with the latest spatial computing technologies. 

Apart from the conference, there are many pre-conference workshops, community meetups, and networking opportunities to give attendees different ways to connect and learn. For businesses, this will give them a chance to grow their AR VR business through AWE USA. 

The 15th annual AWE is going to be celebrating a breakthrough year in XR as many companies are taking part in it. This is going to be an excellent year for developers, creators, product leaders, startups, enterprise end users, investors, and most importantly tech enthusiasts. 

If you are a tech enthusiast, AWE is the best place to see the latest hardware and software from the AR/VR world. Go ahead and book your tickets now to be able to access hands-on demos from the world’s leading technology providers and be the first one to try exclusive products and solutions. 

Key speakers at AWE USA include Palmer Luckey, Founder Anduril, Jason Rubin, VP of Metaverse Experiences, and Tom Furness, Founder and Chairman of Virtual World Society. You can click on this link to reach the official page of AWE USA. This event is going to be held on June 18-20, 2024. Go ahead and get early bird tickets.

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