Instagram Developing New Option “Peek” to Encourage Engagement

| Updated on 15 May 2024

Instagram is now revitalizing the trend of unfiltered snaps. They are now adding a new feature called “Peek” that enables users to share a quick and unedited photo with someone. 

As shared by the App Researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working towards adding this feature to the app. The new feature will allow users to send an unedited and unfiltered snap of themselves or anything with their friends. 

As you can see from the example shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, the Peek option would enable you to send a quick, one-take image with friends. It will go to the inbox of your friend. 

To do that, just open the Peek and smile for the camera and that’s it. There is a chance to edit or do something to make it better. Once you send the image, your friend will be able to view the image just once and after that, it will disappear forever. 

This feature is similar to what Snapchat offers but they let you edit the image and it disappears only after 24 hours. 

However, the new feature is similar to another social media app called BeReal where you would send a simple unedited real-time image. There was no demand for such an app and that is why they are struggling nowadays to maintain its usage. 

However, in a big platform like Instagram, this feature could work as it is for private usage. Of late, Instagram has been trying to add as many features as possible. Last Instagram announced that they are adding new sticker options in Instagram stories and now this.

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