iPad May Finally Get Native Calculator App This Year

| Updated on 25 April 2024
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First iPad was released more than a decade ago, and it still didn’t have a calculator app. There are many third-party calculator apps available on the platform but not a built-in one. 

Now that the wait is over, iPad may finally get a native calculator app this year. According to a report from MacRumors, the company plans to introduce its native calculator app in iPadOS 18. 

It is likely that they will unveil the new iPadOS at WWDC24 (Worldwide Developers Conference) on June 10th

The lack of an official or native calculator app on iPad has been a running joke among the Apple and Android fanboys. For years, users had to resort to third-party apps or use browsers to calculate simple math on their iPads. Many of the third-party apps available on the app store aren’t pleasant to use, oftentimes they are filled with unwanted ads. Some of the better calculator apps cost money to download. 

So, this is good news for iPad users as they’ve been badly wanting a native calculator app for a long time. 

We will get to know in WWDC24, if it’s just a rumor or if there is some truth to it. 

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