Apple Lays Off More Than 600 Employees: Mostly from Apple Car Project

| Updated on 5 April 2024

Apple is cutting more than 600 jobs in its first since the pandemic. These job cuts come mostly from the Apple Car project. 

According to a new state filing, Apple has given notices to 614 workers on March 28, with changes to effect May 27. Under California law, employers must give a 60-day notice to employees and state representatives before a mass layoff event. 

The employees affected by this are located in several Apple-occupied buildings around Santa Clara, close to the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, California. Most of these locations are related to the Apple Car project, so it is likely that these layoffs are related to Apple’s decision to cancel the car project. 

In March this year, Apple officially ended the work on the Apple Car project. More than 2000 people employed in that department were told that the project was winding down, and Apple began moving some of the key employees to the other departments. Some of the employees were in the process of moving to work on Artificial Intelligence under John Giannandrea. 

And other employees from the department were given 90 days to apply for open positions within the company. However, Apple hired a lot of car designers while working on this project, those employees may not have the skills required to work in another department at Apple. 

There is also a possibility that some employees affected by this layoff may be from the microLED displays department. Apple recently ended the development of microLED displays.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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