Dotdash Meredith Partners with OpenAI to Protech Search Traffic

| Updated on 10 May 2024

AI has been taking over the internet and hurting small publishers. That is why the media behemoth, Dotdash Meredith is partnering with OpenAI. 

Dotdash Meredith is the publishing agency that is behind popular web portals like Gardens, Lifewire, InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, Better Homes, and more. 

What this new partnership means is that whenever you try to use the ChatGPT, you’ll have access to content from more than 40 brands that come under the Dotdash Meredith umbrella. With the agreement, OpenAI can display content and links in various ChatGPT responses when you’re asking it a question. 

The CEO of Dotdash Meredith said “We have not been shy about the fact that AI platforms should pay publishers for their content and that content must be appropriately attributed. This deal is a testament to the great work OpenAI is doing on both fronts to partner with creators and publishers and ensure a healthy Internet for the future.”

OpenAI COO also said this in a press release. “We’re thrilled to partner with Dotdash Meredith to bring its trusted brands to ChatGPT and to explore new approaches in advancing the publishing and marketing industries.”

While there is a growing list of organizations partnering with OpenAI, not all have embraced it like others. There are still publishers who have protested against it, citing copyright infringement concerns.

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