Google Unveils Ask Photos with Gemini

| Updated on 16 May 2024

Finding specific photos from thousands of images you have on your device is really challenging, Google is about to change that. 

Google just added a new feature called “Ask Photos” that is loaded with its latest Gemini model so you can ask more questions to the app. This will be a game-changing way to search for photos you want from your list of hundreds or thousands of images. 

Ask Photos feature in Google Photos

Example of how “Ask Photos” will work. Image Courtesy: Google

For now, this is an experimental feature and will roll out in the next few months. It will be able to help us find the right photos from decades-long memories. 

“As people’s galleries grow, finding what you need can lead to scrolling through pages of photos and videos—even if you have the right combination of keywords. With Ask Photos, you can ask for what you’re looking for in a natural way, like: ‘Show me the best photo from each national park I’ve visited.’ Google Photos can show you what you need, saving you from all that scrolling,” said Google Photos software engineer Jeremy Selier in a blog post.

It is more powerful than just searching the photos for you. You can even ask about the themes used in a birthday party, as you can see from the above example. You can even ask about the camping permit expiry; it will understand the context and search all your photos to give a context-based answer. 

Gemini will also find the best photos you take from an event and put them all together to share them on social media along with ready-to-go captions. It is like a personalized curated photo gallery. 

They also promised to protect your photos and take privacy very seriously. It will also keep your photos from training any other AI product outside of Google Photos, including other AI projects by Google itself. 

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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