Adobe Photoshop Gets New AI Image Generation Feature

| Updated on 29 May 2024

In the new beta build, Adobe Photoshop has introduced new features that will make image editing easier and more fun for everyone. The new update brings a breakthrough in generative fill that was already available in Photoshop. Generative Fill will now be available with a reference image. It will give creators more control over their art. 

The most important feature of Adobe Photoshop is the ability to generate an image from scratch. Yes, now you can generate an image by putting in a text prompt right in Photoshop. 

All this will be powered by the new Adobe Firefly Image 3 Foundation model. It will bake in the powerful AI generation abilities right into the Photoshop workflows that people are already familiar with. 

In the announcement, the company announced several new features including, Reference Image, Generate Image, Generate Similar, Generate Background, and Enhance Detail. 

Ashley Still, senior vice president of the Creative Product Group at Adobe said in a statement “This massive new update to Photoshop takes creativity to unprecedented levels—whether you are a professional or brand new to Photoshop. Through new Firefly-powered features in Photoshop, we are bringing ideation and creation closer together and making editing images both more powerful and approachable so everyone can realize their creative vision.” 

All new features are now available in the beta build of Photoshop’s AI version. Go ahead and try them right now. 

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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