According to Report Apple Signs Deal with OpenAI for iOS

| Updated on 28 May 2024

According to previous rumors and leaks, Apple was in talks with both Google and OpenAI to provide AI functionality on iOS 18. Now, it seems like Apple has inked a deal with OpenAI to have ChatGPT integration in iOS. 

The Apple whisperer Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reported in his newsletter that Apple and OpenAI have reached a deal to provide chatbot functionality in iOS 18. He says that it will be a key part of what to expect at WWDC 2024 in June this year.  

According to him, Apple has held talks with both Google and OpenAI about integrating their chatbot in the latest iOS. It seems that ultimately, Apple and OpenAI have struck a deal and this will be a key part of their developer conference this year. 

However, Apple isn’t keen on relying on a single source of supplier for all its AI features which is why they are still working with Google to strike a deal. They want to offer Gemini as an option in iOS 18. But the deal with Google won’t be showcased in June this year. 

According to previous rumors, the company is working on its model of AI for on-device text analysis, smart replies, and summaries. However, right now Apple is not confident enough that its models are great at more demanding tasks like image generation. 

So, this deal with OpenAI will give the company some time to work on its own AI model that can compete with ChatGPT and Gemini.

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