Google Launched Mid-Range Pixel 8A with Premium Features

| Updated on 8 May 2024

The time has come for a mid-range phone from Google. The company has officially unveiled the Pixel 8A with very little surprise as most of the details were leaked online earlier, just like every other Google hardware product. 

Google Pixel 8A

The all-new budget device from Google comes with the same processor as Pixel 8 series devices but it adds a bunch of AI features. The price starts at $499 in the US.

The best part about the device is the software updates. It follows the benchmark set by the Pixel 8 series devices with seven years of software support. This kind of thing is unheard of in the budget segment. 

When it comes to aesthetics, the Pixel 8A is pretty similar in shape and size to the Pixel 8 devices. However, the 6.1-inch display now features a 120Hz refresh rate, up from 90Hz, and the panel is also 40 percent brighter than the predecessors. These are pretty important upgrades as most devices in this range come with stellar displays. 

As AI is the new trend these days, Pixel 8A also comes with the same generative AI photo and video features that were available on Pixel 8 devices. These features are Best Take, Magic Editor, and Audio Magic Eraser. 

This device will also be able to run Gemini Nano, the mobile-optimized on-device AI model from Google. Circle to Search is also available on this device. 

For the rest of the specs, they are either on par with the last generation of A devices or better than them. It comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, a 256GB option is also available. The camera setup is the same as its predecessor. It comes with a slightly bigger battery of 4492 mAh than its predecessor. This time, wireless charging is also available at 7.5W with a Qi1.3 interface. 

You can pre-order the device now and it will start shipping from May 14, 2024. 

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